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18 June 2021



ISO22000 : 2005

Food Safety Management System

What does J&W can do for you?
Priority, train on the quality and good manufacturing practice awareness to the staffs in all levels of the organization, including the top management to build up the quality and food safety awareness. 
Identify food safety laws and regulations and recommend the fulfillment methods.
Identify the critical control points in the production process and recommend the control methods.
Establish documents and records and train the use.
Train on necessary quality and food safety techniques
Verify the food safety management system effectiveness and prepare the system for certification audit by the certification body. 
Recommend the well-known and internationally recognized certification body to the organization.

What is ISO22000 : 2005?

Quality  + HACCP  + GMP  = ISO22000: 2005

ISO22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System is the international standard provides the framework for managing quality system as well as food safety system to ensure that products are satisfied with customers and safe for consumption.  That is, this standard integrates the quality system into the food safety system:  HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) และ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Benefits of ISO22000 : 2005 Implementation

·        Obtain consistent quality and safe products.

·        Reduce the risk to have product recall and customer complaint.

·        Reduce cost of re-work.

·        Standardize production and delivery processes.

·        Increase customer satisfaction.

·        Create the good image to the products and the organization.

·        Increase confident in marketing and stabilize marketing enlargement