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18 June 2021



IATF16949 : 2016

Quality Management System for the Automotive Suppliers

What does J&W can do for you?
Priority, train on the Quality Management System awareness to the staffs in all levels of the organization, including the top management to build up the quality awareness.  
Identify the automotive requirements of customers and recommend the fulfillment methods
Establish documents and records and train the use.
Train on necessary quality techniques
Verify the Quality Management System effectiveness and prepare the system for certification audit by the certification body.
Recommend the well-known and internationally recognized certification body to the organization.

What is IATF16949?

QS 9000 + VDA 6.1 + EAQF + AVSQ = ISO/TS16949 upgraded to IATF16949

IATF16949 : 2016 standard provides the framework for managing the quality system of the automotive suppliers

Benefit of IATF16949 implementation

Obtain the perfect quality systemto fulfill the diverse requirements of customers.

Develop and improve the quality of processes and products

Reduce the variation of the processes and so to increase the production efficiency.

Transfer the quality system know-how to the suppliers and so to improve the quality chain.

Reduce the site visit frequency of the second parties such as of the customers. 

Reduce the duplicated certifications