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18 June 2021



Assurance policy

Assurance policy :


There are 2 assurance issues :


(1) Assurance on certification achievement

For the system establishment project, customer is assured to achieve the certification audit.

In case the customer is failed to achieve the certification audit because of :

(1.1) the responsibility of the consultant (lack of visit or less project follow up), the final term payment can be terminated by the customer. This means customer no need to pay the final term.

(1.2) the responsibility of the customer (lack of co-operation), the final term payment will have to be paid as due.

(2) Refund of the deposit

(2.1) The deposit will be refunded to customer in full if there is no show of the consultant or the consultant is not qualified.

(2.2) The deposit will not be refunded to customer if customer refuse to continue the project because of his internal problems.